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As one of the most trusted translation companies today, Targemli is the first choice of individuals and organisations seeking to have their official documents translated by a highly qualified professional. If you require legal translation in Dubai, consider Targemli and find out the exceptional difference that only we can make.

Work with legal translators accredited by UAE’s Ministry of Justice

Supported by a team of experienced licensed legal translators, Targemli is able to fulfil various needs for translated legal documents. Our legal translation services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai include official documents such as contracts, agreements, permits, licenses, certificates, executive letters, notices, and wills and trusts.

Included in our service portfolio are financial and corporate documents, including business letters and proposals, fiscal statements and reports, tax reforms, insurance applications, disputes, private equity, and more.

Each translator from Targemli possesses expert understanding of the language of law, including the field’s unique terms and jargons. We understand how details can drastically affect an official document, which is why our translators give painstaking attention to translating each and every document that passes through our hands.

Our Quality Assurance team concludes the process by giving each translated document a comprehensive and meticulous review, in order to make sure all information is verified and the final document is free from errors.

Flexible translation services for legal/official documents

Our client portfolio includes major law firms, conglomerates, and regional and government agencies. Regardless of its scope and complexity, we make sure each project is completed on time and in compliance with local regulations and industry standards. We understand the sensitivity of these documents, and that is why our translators adhere to stringent privacy and confidentiality protocols.

Let us know what you need

Whether you need to have your contract translated from English to Arabic, or you need to have a translated document notarized, we can help you. To get a quick upfront quotation for the task you have in mind, send us your documents online and we’ll get back to you immediately. For further information, please do not hesitate to call or email us: 800 – 82743654 /

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