Professional Interpreter in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

When you need to facilitate clear, smooth and effective communication between individuals that speak two different languages, Targemli’s skilled interpreters are the professionals who can help you. We provide high-level interpretation services for various clients in different industries and settings, including corporate, legal, technical, industrial, government, public sector, and even medical.

If you need an interpreter in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, let us know your requirements so we can assign an interpreter from our team that fits the job best.

Consecutive Interpretation and Simultaneous Translation

Targemli offers two core interpretation services: Consecutive and Simultaneous. We offer Consecutive Interpretation for meetings that require on-site interpretation/translation. It is ideal for one-on-one meetings where both individuals speak different languages, as well as in small group sessions where one or more participants require prompt interpretation right as the talk progresses.

With a team of alert and attentive interpreters, we’re able to provide reliable Simultaneous Translation as conferences and seminars happen. Using modern specialised equipment, our interpreters provide on-the-spot interpretation to large-scale events that involve audiences of different nationalities and languages. Through our expertise, no critical information will be missed by delegates from all over the world.

As we understand that these situations usually require a greater level of professionalism and formality, you can expect our interpreters to be dressed in business/corporate attire, or whatever dress code the event calls for. Our interpreters are always punctual and prepared to take on their role, regardless of the situation or job requirement.

Our professional interpreters are also well-informed and familiar with various topics of interest and technical fields, allowing them to interpret messages as intended by the speaker.

Meet a Targemli interpreter

Do you require the skills of an interpreter for a meeting with your overseas-based clients? Do not hesitate to tap into the expertise of Targemli. To know more about our interpretation service, kindly call our office via landline at 800 – 82743654. You may also email your inquiry to or submit your project documents online for a quick, upfront quotation.

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