Closed Captioning and Video Subtitling Services

Do you need affordable subtitle services for a visual material? Targemli is the one-stop linguistic services provider you’re looking for. As part of our broad range of linguistic solutions, we offer video subtitling and closed caption services for all kinds of visual materials. Whatever video you need to be subtitled, our team can do it for you.

We can meet all your subtitle and caption requirements

Whether you require hard subtitles, soft subtitles, or timecoding, we have the expertise to complete the job and deliver results that surpass expectations. We have a team of professionals whose experience includes collaboration with major TV stations and media companies, making sure each project we take on is done according to the highest industry standards.

After analysing the scope of a project, our team will work on the precise transcription of the video script, which will then be translated into your target language for subtitling. With the Targemli team, you can be sure each word, phrase, and sentence is conveyed as faithfully as possible to its meaning in the original language.

In each video we’re working on, we make sure we get the timing perfectly right – from start to end – so the moment isn’t lost to the viewer, and the quality of your work and message is preserved. To ensure all details are correct, our Quality Assurance team goes to great lengths to analyse each frame and check all subtitles and relevant details.

Our subtitling service encompasses the following languages: English, Chinese, Arabic, Urdu, French, Spanish, Russian, and German, among others. We can also accommodate any video format and embedding requirements.

What does our professional captioning & subtitling service offer you?

First-rate quality subtitles, strict on-time delivery, and highly competitive rates are just a few of what we offer to our clients in various industries. At Targemli, we value the trust and peace of mind of each and every client, and we do our best to protect their privacy and data security.

If you want to work with a closed caption / subtitling provider that you can trust to deliver, then give us a call at 800 – 82743654 or email us at Let us know your project requirements. Submit it online and get a direct and complete quotation for the entire project.

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