[:en]Translation Process[:]


We go through a rigorous translation process in order to make sure that our clients are satisfied with the quality of the output.

1. Translation:

We rely on expert translators covering numerous disciplines, as it is important to identify the right talent that will work on the translation job. All our translators are either native speakers or fluent users of the language. In general, we tend to minimize the number of translators per project to the minimal in order to ensure higher consistency of terminology and style across the document. We can use a large number of translators in consultation with our clients if there are timeline constraints.

Furthermore, we use the latest translation technology manifested in specialized translation software (CAT) tools such as Trados. MemQ, and Wordfast in order to maintain consistency across the translated projects.

2. Reviewing/Editing and proofreading:

The translated text is reviewed by a native speaker to make sure it is free of any grammatical, spelling, or linguistic mistakes, and to ensure it matches the source text.

3. Quality Assurance:

A fluent speaker works on the target document to make sure that the use of the target language is up to the best standard. In cases of texts of technical nature (e.g. legal, medical, etc.), a subject matter expert in the relevant field conducts a sanity check on the translation to ensure the correct terminology is used.


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